Got tax debt problems? We do the negotiations for you.

Gina Jansen Lawyers  are professional tax negotiators, resulting in full and final settlement deals for individuals (sole traders/partnerships/trustees) and corporate businesses (companies/limited partnerships/trading trusts). Not only are we tertiary qualified in tax, we are lawyers who practice litigation (court) and conveyancing (property) and we have worked in tax legislation arena for 20 plus years. We have seen first hand the anxiety and pressures that keep our clients awake at night.  We have also seen how happy our clients are when we close a deal for them with Inland Revenue.  It brings us a lot of joy to see how happy they are.

Gina Jansen Lawyers will represent you in negotiating a settlement with Inland Revenue, which means we do all the talking for you. Try as you might to forget about it, sadly tax debt won’t go away until you act.  The sooner you call us about your tax debt, the sooner we can discuss what options are available to you and achieve a magnificent result for you.  Even in the most challenging, difficult and seemingly hopeless cases, we can get results.  Don’t delay and loose sleep – you may not need to pay in full right now if you consult with us.

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