When you’re facing INLAND REVENUE and TAX DEBTS, you need EXPERTS who get RESULTS because WE are EXPERIENCED and KNOW how to NEGOTIATE with Inland Revenue on your behalf.

We know how scary and frustrating it is dealing with Inland Revenue when you have a large tax debt. We also know how scary it is when Inland Revenue serve you or your company with Court papers.

That’s why you need to talk to us immediately. We are experts at negotiating tax debts and obtaining relief for you via a settlement, write-off, instalment arrangement or via the hardship provisions. If you need to go to Court urgently, we can do that too. Anywhere in New Zealand. The team at Gina Jansen Lawyers are highly qualified (experts in tax) tax lawyers with 20 plus years of Inland Revenue and Court experience. We are also property specialists so if you need to buy, sell or refinance your property, we can do the lot for you. Why go to tax debt brokers or accountants who can only do part of the job for you. They have to refer you on to lawyers to complete the Court side for you. They have to refer you to lawyers to raise finance for you if you are selling property or refinancing. You will be paying your tax debt broker/manager AND paying your lawyer AND accountant. We are your tax debt negotiators, courtroom lawyers and property ONE STOP SHOP.

Our team is made up of former Inland Revenue staff who are all lawyers. We are not accountants or former debt collection staff from Inland Revenue. We are very business oriented and have advised many clients on business and commercial transactions. We have bought, sold and refinanced properties for our clients. So when you are drowning in tax debt, or you/your company or partnership have been served with legal proceedings, DON’T DELAY. Contact Gina Jansen Lawyers now. We take over the negotiations for you and represent you in Court. We will put your mind at rest so you can sleep at night. We provide NATIONWIDE services so CALL US NOW.

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