Our Ethics and Values

Legal ethics and professional responsibility are at the heart of Gina Jansen Lawyers legal practice and are fundamental to our function as lawyers.

Ethical guidelines

As lawyers, our function is to provide legal advice and services to our clients.  To achieve this, we must remain detached from our clients.  Client detachment is an essential part of the professional life of a lawyer, and distinguishes the business of the legal profession from other businesses.  Consult with us.

Compliance with the Law

Lawyers must provide advice that is within the law.  So if a client proposes a course of action that is unlawful, it is our job to find ways to achieve what our client wants, but within the law.  Where this is not possible, and a client insists we carry out their instructions, our ethical responsibilities require us to decline to continue to act for them. At Gina Jansen Lawyers we take our ethical responsibilities to the Court, and our clients, very seriously including our obligations to you under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2008 and the Rules of Client Care and Conduct for lawyers.  Every time.

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