Litigation & Dispute Resoluton

Litigation and disputes

Gina Jansen Lawyers have a very experienced team to handle any civil and criminal matter in the Courts. We specialise in civil debt and tax disputes including prosecutions, judgment debts, bankruptcy and liquidations. We can also appear in the Courts for traffic matters and limited work licences.

Disputes & Litigation

Disputes can be stressful, and often require immediate action. Our lawyers are litigation experts committed to helping you reach timely, cost effective and practical solutions to difficult issues, sometimes involving the Court. We know communication is key.  So we will work closely with you to pursue the best strategy for you.



We provide legal advice and representation to clients who are being prosecuted in the criminal court including traffic offences, applications for limited work licences, applications for discharge without conviction, and other criminal or summary offences.  We provide sensible and realistic advice regarding defending a charge at trial or pleading guilty and working to achieve the best possible sentencing outcome. 

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Liquidation - High Court

Gina Jansen Lawyers provide clients with strategic and practical advice regarding company liquidations, whether you are a director, shareholder or creditor, whether it is corporate debt or tax/Inland Revenue debt, whether legal action has been initiated by a creditor, Inland Revenue (IRD) or if you owe mounting debt and just can’t see a way out.

We also advise clients about personal insolvency, including bankruptcy and other alternatives.  Our Director, Gina Jansen’s, speciality area of legal expertise is Inland Revenue tax debts and disputes. We put a stop to sleepless nights by providing our clients with a tailored strategy, specifically designed to your individual circumstances and needs.  We quickly address any creditor initiated liquidation litigation, including on-going tax issues with IRD.  Our strategy specifically target and addresses overdue tax obligations, all the while keeping you in business.

Gina Jansen Lawyers also works closely with a team of highly experienced & reputable nationwide Liquidators, who support our clients through the insolvency process and provide invaluable advice about voluntary liquidations, in situations where that is a very viable option for our client. Because our team of lawyers have 20 plus years of experience in successfully addressing and providing strategically sound advice to Corporates involved in insolvency situations, our Liquidation lawyers are highly sought after nationwide.

We offer high quality legal advice and strategies on all the options, including alternatives to liquidations, to help our clients avoid legal pitfalls and the potential for criminal prosecutions and claims.   Where necessary, Gina Jansen Lawyers negotiate compromises and schemes of arrangements with our client’s creditors. Whether your company owes debt (debtor), or it is owed debt (creditor), we routinely provide legal advice and representation about legal issues that arise out of insolvency. We provide legal advice on voidable transaction claims, transactions at undervalue, breaches of director duties and a raft of other potential issues that arise out of insolvency & liquidations.

There are many alternatives to a liquidation so feel free to contact us for a no obligation telephone consultation to assess your particular situation and needs.

Bankruptcy - HIGH COURT

Have you been served with a Bankruptcy Notice? Feeling helpless and unsure? You need to act immediately. Why? Because there are very short, strict timeframes within which you must react once you have been served with a bankruptcy notice. Being made bankrupt can happen in your absence if you ignore the Bankruptcy Notice and do not appear in Court. You need immediate expert insolvency and tax dispute advice and specialist legal representation in the High Court. If not, the High Court may grant an order to the creditor applicant to appoint the Official Assignee to manage your financial affairs and pay tax debts from your assets, including property and chattels. You may even lose your home.  This is not the time to seek the advice of friends.

Depending on your situation, your assets and potential future earnings, you might have arrange of options available to you. If Inland Revenue is the creditor, we can negotiate with them on your behalf. There may be personal circumstances where debt relief can be sought under the Tax Administration Act.  Personal circumstances may include you or your spouse’s health and your financial circumstances. If there is genuine serious hardship, the Commissioner may consider some relief where evidence can be provided.  So give yourself piece of mind and find out all of the options available to you. We know exactly what to do. We provide New Zealand wide services.

Civil LAW – High Court, District Court, Tenancy Tribunal & Disputes Tribunal

As experienced Courtroom lawyers, we can advise and represent you in the range of Courts on a range of civil legal matters including: applications for judgement debts and creditor remedies, defended civil hearings including disputed hearings and interlocutory applications under the High Court and District Court Rules,  advise, draft pleadings and applications in the Tenancy & Disputes Tribunal and in some instances appear on your behalf. Consult with us.   

Criminal Law - Traffic & Limited Work Licences

If you are being prosecuted by the Police for a traffic matter including careless driving, drinking with excess blood/breath alcohol limits and a range of other traffic matters, consult with us.  Our team have over 20 years’ experience in criminal law and Courtroom lawyers with some of our team having been duty lawyers providing free legal advice and representation at many New Zealand Courts.  We can appear in Court for you and robustly put forward your case, obtain disclosure and negotiate pleas with the Police on your behalf.  If you have lost your licence due to disqualification or suspension from an accumulation of demerit points, and you are not statute barred, we can prepare an application for a limited work licence for you. Consult with us.