Property Land Covenants

The West Auckland property market is booming with plenty of new developments and construction happening all over the West. If you are looking at buying a house, or building one, it is crucial you know what interests affect the title. Lawyers look at the title for you as various interests may be registered against a title which set out rules and/or restrictions that apply to your property about how you can use and enjoy it. In modern times, one interest commonly appearing on titles, especially in new developments, is a land covenant.


Covenants are a set of rules and restrictions that affect how a property can be used. If you are buying a new section, or house that has recently been built, chances are there will be land covenants registered on the title. Developers often have covenants in place to maintain certain standards of quality with, for example, construction of the dwelling and landscaping. Covenants may also contain restrictions on any number of things, including: the type of materials that can be used to build with, the size of the house and where it can be placed on the section, and even its colour and architecture. Modern developments usually do not permit relocatable homes, or the use of recycled or second-hand materials. Your lawyer will seek any permissions that are needed from the developer to construct the dwelling.

Covenants may also restrict the type of activities allowed on a property, such as running a business, or even if pets are allowed. While some of these things may seem unnecessary or intrusive, they form an important part of the property and an owner is legally bound to observe them at all times. Other landowners who share the same covenant rules can seek to enforce them where a property owner fails to follow the covenant rules, and could potentially face court action.


Landowners should always have a clear understanding before buying about the effect covenants can have on the new landowner, the construction of a building, and activities that are allowed on the property before they buy. Always engage an experienced property lawyer who will obtain all registered interests that affect the title and explain the effect and impact the covenants will have on you and the enjoyment of your land.

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