Gina Jansen Lawyers provide clients with strategic and practical advice regarding company liquidations, whether you are a director, shareholder or creditor, whether it is corporate debt or tax/Inland Revenue debt, whether legal action has been initiated by a creditor, Inland Revenue (IRD) or if you owe mounting debt and just can’t see a way out.

We also advise clients about personal insolvency, including bankruptcy and other alternatives.  Our Director, Gina Jansen’s, speciality area of legal expertise is Inland Revenue tax debts and disputes. We put a stop to sleepless nights by providing our clients with a tailored strategy, specifically designed to your individual circumstances and needs.  We quickly address any creditor initiated liquidation litigation, including on-going tax issues with IRD.  Our strategy specifically target and addresses overdue tax obligations, all the while keeping you in business.

Gina Jansen Lawyers also works closely with a team of highly experienced & reputable nationwide Liquidators, who support our clients through the insolvency process and provide invaluable advice about voluntary liquidations, in situations where that is a very viable option for our client. Because our team of lawyers have 20 plus years of experience in successfully addressing and providing strategically sound advice to Corporates involved in insolvency situations, our Liquidation lawyers are highly sought after nationwide.

We offer high quality legal advice and strategies on all the options, including alternatives to liquidations, to help our clients avoid legal pitfalls and the potential for criminal prosecutions and claims.   Where necessary, Gina Jansen Lawyers negotiate compromises and schemes of arrangements with our client’s creditors. Whether your company owes debt (debtor), or it is owed debt (creditor), we routinely provide legal advice and representation about legal issues that arise out of insolvency. We provide legal advice on voidable transaction claims, transactions at undervalue, breaches of director duties and a raft of other potential issues that arise out of insolvency & liquidations.

There are many alternatives to a liquidation so feel free to contact Gina for a no obligation telephone consultation to assess your particular situation and needs.

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