IRD tax debt expertsDoes your IRD tax debt seem mind boggling and continuously getting higher? Don’t understand how IRD apply penalties and interest? We do. Call Gina Jansen Lawyers – Tax Debt Negotiators NOW.

In the business world, we all know how tough it is being self-employed and a small to medium business – whether you are a sole trader, a trust, a company or a limited partnership. We also understand business and how that works.

We understand tax debt and IRD dispute laws – your accountant will crunch the numbers of your tax return – that’s not what we do. We know it’s hard to juggle so many things, like GST, PAYE, making money, managing staff and workloads, keeping clients happy, getting new business, preparing quotes all the while carrying out your core business, whether you’re a sparkie, builder, hairdresser, restaurateur, or landscaper. It’s not your business to have to figure out very complex tax debt laws – that’s our business. Let us, as your legal professionals, help you with all that. In fact we can help you with all aspects of your business including leases, contracts, finance, property sales, purchases and refinances and employment.

Because we are a specialised tax law firm, we work alongside your accountant to help get you “back on track”. We negotiate any tax debt for you. Your accountant helps by filing any overdue tax returns. Talk to us so we can assess your specific situation. We negotiate some relief with IRD. Relief can be lump sum payments, instalment arrangements, serious hardship applications, remissions and/or a combination of all/some of this. We are very experienced at dealing with Inland Revenue. Our team have: worked for Inland Revenue; worked for the tax team of a top 6 corporate law firm and are tertiary qualified in tax laws.

So don’t struggle on your own any longer. Don’t drown in your tax debt. Call Gina Jansen Lawyers – Tax Debt Negotiators. We know exactly what to do. We are experts in Inland Revenue Tax Debt NZ.

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