criminal tax PAYEHas Inland Revenue served you or your company with a criminal tax summons? Have you been advised by Inland Revenue that you are now going to be prosecuted for failing to deduct taxes?

Have you been asked by Inland Revenue officers to attend a “voluntary interview” so they can talk to you about your case?

If so, you need expert legal advice and experienced representation from Gina Jansen Lawyers – Tax Debt Negotiators NOW.

Voluntary IRD interviews are similar to a Police interview and gain evidence from you to potentially prosecute you. If you attend, Inland Revenue must advise you that the evidence you give may be used against you in Court. This is a “caution” to inform you of your legal rights.

Of particular importance is your human right to have a lawyer present during an IRD interview. Too many times we see our clients arrive in our offices, having already been to an interview with Inland Revenue with a friend, tax debt broker, non-legally qualified advocate or their accountant, none of whom may have any experience with the laws of evidence and/or specifically dealing with Inland Revenue tax interviews. These interviews must be treated seriously. What you say at the interview can result in Inland Revenue having enough evidence to support a criminal tax prosecution against you. Inland Revenue have big powers and many tax offences carry a term of imprisonment – some up to 5 years.

This is not the time to take a friend and hope for the best. You need Gina Jansen Lawyers – Tax Debt Negotiators. We are competent, highly educated and experienced specialist tax lawyers.

We have repeatedly helped our clients with their tax problems because this is our specialist area of expertise. We are experienced at dealing with Inland Revenue staff, experienced at criminal law proceedings in the Court, expereinced at negotiating positive outcomes which may include a withdrawal of charges and/or reductions in charges and/or sentences imposed by the Court.

We are very experienced litigators, and specialists at presenting tax cases before the range of Courts from District Court to High Court. Anywhere in New Zealand.

We will strongly represent you. Don’t feel alone. Don’t call a tax broker who is not a lawyer. Don’t call a non specialist tax lawyer. Call Gina Jansen Lawyers – Tax Debt Negotiators.

We will talk to you, promptly assess your situation and guide you to the next step. We know exactly what to do. We are experts in criminal tax cases in New Zealand.

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