Tax Debt Negotiators & Tax Specialist Lawyers

Drowing in tax debt?  We are legal and tax specialists who will take over your tax negotiations with Inland Revenue and get you results.

Gina Jansen Lawyers 

Our turnaround of work is quick. Requests for urgency are attended to promptly.  We have very high standards so our clients will always get the best results possible and quality legal advice/representation.  We have a reputation to be proud of - up to date, pedantic, attention to detail, thorough and fast.  Our clients love these qualities with direct access to senior lawyers who actually do your work, not just legal executives or juniors.  Because of these facts, our clients return to us again and again because they feel their legal affairs are thoroughly looked after.   
At Gina Jansen Lawyers our tax negotiating team are highly experienced in obtaining 100% success for our clients and are highly qualified in tax. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the law; maintaining our legal knowledge base and keeping abreast of changes in the law both in New Zealand and around the globe. We support the continuing legal education of our staff.
TAX DEBT NEGOTIATORS AND LAWYERS:  Call us now.  We can help you immediately.  Gina Jansen Lawyers.  We are the tax relief experts.  Phone 07 974 4848 or 021 544623 or email  
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