IRD & Tax Debt Negotiators/Lawyers, New Zealand

When you’re facing IRD tax debts, you need experienced tax lawyers who get RESULTS for you because they are EXPERIENCED and know how to NEGOTIATE with Inland Revenue on your behalf.

We know it's scary dealing with IRD staff and large tax debts.  We are tax negotiating experts and highly qualified tax lawyers who have 20 plus years of working with, for and against Inland Revenue.  Our team are made up of former Inland Revenue lawyers and staff with 20 plus years of experience in helping clients and taxpayers with tax debt solutions.  When you are drowing in tax debt or you/your company has been served with legal proceedings, DON'T DELAY - contact us now.  We can take over negotiating for you and put your mind at rest.  We can appear in Court anywhere in New Zealand.  Other tax brokers can't do it all because they are not lawyers.  We can help you with everything including: tax debt relief negotiation; all court appearances; property sales and refinance; referrals to Banks and mortgage brokers to arrange lending; teamwork with accountants to ensure all returns are filed up to date.   

What Gina Jansen Lawyers as Tax Debt Negotiators Can Offer you:

• Professional and friendly services with a focus on results and relief for you.
• Expertise and experience with Inland Revenue.
• Quality legal representation with highly qualified tax specialists.
• Cost efficient and quick services.
• Conveyancing - we can assist with property sales and refinances in-house without the need or cost to go to other lawyers.
• Experienced Courtroom lawyers - we can represent you in the District and High Courts for judgment, bankruptcy and liquidation matters.
• A highly educated team of legal professionals.
• Set fees in some circumstances (subject to our review of your situation).
• Direct access to the Gina Jansen as the sole director of the firm - you can be confident you won't be dealing or shunted off to junior staff.
• An established network of quality business contacts: Chartered Accountants, mortgage brokers and Liquidators.

Phone Gina Jansen Lawyers - Tax Debt Negotiators on 07 974 4848 or 021 544623 NOW.