Criminal Tax Cases NZ

Has Inland Revenue served you or your company with a criminal tax summons?  Have you been advised by Inland Revenue officers that you are now going to be prosecuted for failing to deduct taxes?  Have you been asked by Inland Revenue officers to attend a “voluntary interview” so they can talk to you about your case?  If so, you need expert legal advice and experienced representation, both once this is in front of the Court and before it gets to Court. 

Voluntary interviews are similar to a Police interview to gain evidence to prosecute a person.  But you are not being forced to attend it.  If you attend, Inland Revenue staff must advise you the evidence you give may be used against you in Court.  Like the Police they must “caution” you as to your legal rights, in particular your human right to have a lawyer present during the interview.  Very sadly, too many times we have seen our clients arrive in our offices, having already been to an interview with Inland Revenue with a friend, non-legal advocate or their accountant, none of whom may have any experience with the laws of evidence and/or specifically dealing with Inland Revenue tax interviews.  These interviews must be treated seriously by a taxpayer as what you say at the interview can result in Inland Revenue having enough evidence to support a criminal tax prosecution against you. Inland Revenue have strong powers and many offences carry a term of imprisonment.  So this is not the time to just take a friend along and hope for the best – you need competent and experienced legal advice from specialist tax lawyers.  That's Gina Jansen Lawyers.     

These days the non-payment of deducted PAYE or GST can mean jail time for defaulting taxpayers and/or directors of liquidated companies.  We have repeatedly been asked to help our clients in these situations with their problems because this is our specialist area of expertise. We are experienced at dealing with Inland Revenue staff, experienced at criminal law proceedings in the Court, expereinced at negotiating positive outcomes which may includie a withdrawal of charges and/or reductions in charges and/or sentences imposed by the Cour.  We are very experienced litigators, and specialists at presenting tax cases before the range of Courts from District Court to High Court. 

We will strongly represent you and advocate your situation to the authorities and the Courts if that is necessary. So if you are feeling alone, scared and need legal help, call Gina Jansen Lawyers in Hamilton.  We will talk to you, assess your situation and guide you in what needs to happen next.  We know exactly what to do.  We are experts in criminal tax cases within NZ law. 

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