Bankrupty Notice

Have you been issued with a Bankruptcy Notice?  Got Inland Revenue chasing you?  Feeling unsure about what to do now?  Call Gina Jansen Lawyers immediately. 

Why?  Because there are very short, and strict timeframes within which you must react once you have been served with a bankruptcy notice so that you can avoid being adjudicated bankrupt, which can happen even in your absence if you ignore the Bankruptcy Notice and do not appear in Court. 

You need immediate legal advice and expert representation to ensure that the Official Assignee is not ordered by the Court to manage your financial affairs and pay debts that you owe from your assets, including property and chattels. 

This is not the time to seek the advice of an accountant or your friends. You need legal advice from a Bankruptcy Notice lawyer, such as Gina Jansen Lawyers, who can advise you of the options available to you.

Depending on the situation, your assets and potential future earnings, you might have options available to you, such as gaining more time to work out your situation with your creditor(s) or negotiate a repayment settlement (such as Inland Revenue and/or other creditors) without even going to Court.

With Inland Revenue tax debts, there are circumstances where debt relief can be negotiated by a written application.  We specialise in this area.  Other personal circumstances issues, such as your health, financial circumstances may count.  Furthermore, if serious hardship circumstances exist in your life, the Commissioner may consider a specific application with supporting evidence.

So give yourself piece of mind and find out the options available to you. Get Bankruptcy Notice legal advice now.  Call Gina Jansen Lawyers in Hamilton. You can be anywhere in New Zealand. We know exactly what to do.  We are experts in this area of the law.   

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