IRD Child Support Debt NZ

Are you a liable child support parent who is frustrated with IRD?  Is Inland Revenue not giving you straight answers about how much you owe or how the debt was calculated?  Does the process of challenging the other parent, or the administrative review process just seem overwhelming and fruitless? 

You are not alone. We know from our clients multiple experiences just how frustrating it can be trying to deal directly with IRD staff, each time a different one, and how you often get conflicting answers from different Inland Revenue staff.  We can deal with them directly on your behalf and we know exactly who to ask and what to ask for to get the right answers from IRD for you. 

We know the child support legislation and the processes available to get the correct information about your child support liability and/ or arrears.  We can help you with the processes to either pay or correct this.  If you’ve been subjected to administrative reviews and disagree with the outcome, we can assist you with how to appeal that process in the Family Court. 

We have worked with many clients in many different situations, some who have returned from Australia with large child support debts arising from the exchange of information between the Australian and New Zealand governments and which has not always taken into account the correct or specific living circumstances or private payment agreements made between the parents. 

We can ask questions of Inland Revenue staff so you don’t feel alone.  We can help you to resolve the debt and get it all sorted out.  So don’t carry on feeling alone, or frustrated.  Call Gina Jansen Lawyers in Hamilton now.  We know exactly what to do.  We are experts in IRD Child Support Debt NZ law.

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